Hitech Bit & Byte was founded in 2014, specializing in the development, design, and marketing of gadgets and web developer. We love to create new brands, inventions and help customers to achieve their targets. We are Tishonator partners and offer the best support for WordPress platform. Our core value is developing new partners and new customers around the world.


We’ll Do It For You. Have one of our design experts create a website as you need!

Website Design

Your Best Guide

The most impressive websites are designed in smart layout and design, clear vision, and are backed by the right technology.



Web Application Design

It’s never been easier and fast to get a website you'll be proud of

The most impressive websites are designed in smart layout and design, clear vision, and are backed by the right technology.



Search Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is the application of information and technology to raise human performance. We'll develop a business strategy for success in a digital world. We know that digital strategy needs to become the essence of business strategy.



Best web hosting services

Hitech Bit e Byte offers the best hosting solutions for personal and professional websites. Get started now and take advantage of our affordable prices. Our packages are developed to meet your needs. We will offer how much hosting space you need and allocate space to your domains as required.


Our vision is to develop a high-quality collaborative partnership with continuing services improvement where all customers and suppliers will feel trustful and satisfied. So, our mission statement is ‘Always working hard giving our best for better results for our customers!’



Hitech Bit & Byte is a small team focused on creating innovative solutions for small business and start-ups around the world.

Our core value is developing new brands, solutions and websites with our partners and together get new customers worldwide.

A few words about me...

Hi, I'm Rogerio Matos, Bachelor of System Information and founder of Hitech Bit & Byte. I'm working with the online marketing industry since 2014. My mission is to help and teach people, micro-businesses and entrepreneurs to use digital tools to achieve better results, sell more, and find their place on the internet with authority and using it all in a simple way with great returns. Digital marketing, Blog development, and brand developer. I will help your idea and dreams get an identity. I like challenges. Creation of brands, creativity, and innovation. I'm always trying to understand the perspective of my customers. Always speaking openly and safely. I like to share my strategies to help improve customers approach to develop difficult conversations and targets. I like to work creating team interactions.

A developer of innovative solutions and inventions. I'm sure that we will create something awesome together. I'm always focused on end goals, work well independently, action-oriented, optimistic and together we'll build your identity. I'm actually working on WordPress Website Development with Tishonator.com as my favorite theme's supplier using the best practices in websites management to optimize blogs, websites and pages creating best users interfaces. Also, I'm available to work with content writing, e-mail marketing, implementation of SEO, social media services, and tracking systems. Count on me!

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